Free Bitcoin Cash Grant is a Free, Sponsored Advert Displayed Bitcoin Funds Granting Website which give Free Bitcoin grants between $10 to $500 to 100 people every Month.

How Bitcoin Cash Grant Works:

Open Account on the website.

Request for an amount between $10 and $500.

Get your friends and relatives to recommend your fund request.

On Sunday at the end of the month, if your fund request gets upto 100 recommendation of that month, then the amount you requested will be transferred into your Bank Account or Bitcoin Wallet before 7pm on Sunday.

How does BTCEarners make money?

BTCEarners generates revenue by displaying adverts of other Companies to you and your friends when you're on the website. It is from the revenue generated by those adverts that we provide funds to requesters.

Before you signup: Please note that requesting and getting funds on the website is Free.